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Marco Rodie

300 Hr Certified



About Marco

My first Yoga class was in Den Helder in 2005. At the time I had a busy job as a naval officer and was looking for relaxation and a way to reduce my lower back pain. Luckily it did not stop then. I discovered step by step what a meaningful lifestyle yoga can be. Gradually Yoga has become an essential part of my life. Besides my Vinyasa Yoga training (500 hours) at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam, I have practiced different styles of yoga in several countries including the Netherlands, India and Indonesia (Bali) and recently did a Yin Yoga Training at Yoga Garden (200 hrs) and the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher training (300 hrs) in India. Jivamukti Yoga and it's founders David Life and Sharon Gannon, have inspired me with their teachings!

I see yoga in our Western busy life as a wonderful tool to improve the quality of your personal and business life. After my career as Naval Officer, I graduated (valedictorian) for my MBA at the University of Nyenrode and have over 20 years of experience as a manager in government and industry. Then in 2012 I decided to change career and founded Thrive Yoga. Nowadays I teach 6 classes per week at Thrive and manage both studios in Amsterdam. Yoga has shaped me into who I am now. For me, yoga is the foundation for a happy, harmonious and successful life that I wish for everyone else!