Meghan Meyer
300hr Certified
New York
New York,
United States

After graduating High School in New York in 2008, Meghan was introduced to the Jivamukti Yoga School through friends. She took to the environment like a duck to water and began to seriously pursue the practice. She loved it so much that she applied for a job at the studio and was quickly hired as a front desk supervisor. In 2013 Meg completed the 300 hour training. Meghan is still in awe of that experience and it continues to inspire her. The training changed her into a positive, joyful person. It created within her an infectious energy that she treasures. Meghan hopes to inspire and affect students this same way by teaching the Jivamukti method. A visual artist at heart and by birth, Meghan is also inspired by photography, graphic illustration, costume and package design. She is blessed with smart and nimble hands and the pursuit of these abilities is something she ponders. At this moment she is a free spirit with an open heart, wanting to give the gift of Yoga to the world.