Nan Hébert
800hr Certified
Los Angeles
United States

Nan is an embodiment facilitator, teacher of yoga, massage therapist, Ayurvedic health consultant, and student of Eastern philosophies. She loves enabling the process of the breath made visible through form. Follow her on SPOTIFY for playlists to keep you moving. Nan is a voracious student, having attended the Steinhardt School of Education at NYU—ultimately completing her undergraduate studies at Goddard College with an emphasis in Ayurveda. While completing her Jivamukti apprenticeship with Jules Febre and Sangeeta Vallabhan, she enjoyed regularly teaching at the NYC Jivamukti School. She had international yoga teaching opportunities, leading classes, workshops and retreats while living in France and Switzerland. In her many travels, she cultivated a diverse community. She works with individuals experiencing injury, those in recovery and navigating trauma, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Nan enjoys meeting people where they are. She is a candidate for her Masters in Contemplative Psychology & Buddhist Psychotherapy, at Naropa University. Prior to this, Nan spent the past several years living and wilding in Big Sur, CA. During her time there, she deepened her studies and practices as a faculty member at Esalen Institute. And she expanded her personal inquiry in somatic psychology, studying with and assisting master teachers in the fields of Gestalt, 5Rhythms Dance and Bodywork.