Natalia Sheidakova
75hr Certified

For many people, yoga is associated with a lean physique, out-of-this-world flexibility and body strength, and I understand why. Although all of the above is true, and the physical benefits of the practice are hard to argue with, there is so much more to what yoga can offer. I came to yoga through the perspective of it being a sport but had to break through this misunderstanding and find out for myself what it really is. Growing up, sports were always present in my life. Acrobatics, wrestling, football…All of these activities taught me strength and discipline, but none of them felt truly fulfilling. So I kept jumping from one interest to another just to fill up the uncertain void within me. In the search for answers, I met a Jivamukti yoga teacher, who opened up new perspectives, and through their philosophy on yoga, as a spiritual and deep practice, I was able to meet myself anew. The opportunities for progress that yoga offers are limitless. Physical, mental, spiritual – every direction of your life benefits from just simply showing up on the mat. Yoga teaches you that it is not about the goal but about the experience itself. I believe that yoga is a game-changer. It is more than just fitness and it is truly beneficial for everyone out there. While it is an individual journey, I want to share my knowledge and experience to help others on their path, passing on the philosophy behind the practice and creating space for growth in people’s mind.