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Nikki Harlow

300 Hr Certified

Torrance, California

United States

About Nikki

Nikki has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade now and is excited to be a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Nikki began practicing yoga not only for fitness, but for spirituality, mental wellness, and stress relief. She quickly explored many variations including vinyasa, bikram, hatha, Iyengar, yin, restorative, acro, aerial, and even goat yoga! Nikki chose to be a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher because of the emphasis on spiritual teachings; she never knew from other yoga classes the connection to veganism, but she became vegan on her own!

Besides now teaching Jivamukti Open classes in yoga studios in NYC, she also teaches in corporate offices for those with sedentary lifestyles, as well as privately in-home with clients where she can tailor to special needs or specific goals/intentions. Nikki has recently relocated back to her hometown Los Angeles and looks forward to meeting more fellow Jivas to continue their yoga journeys together!