Polyxeni aklidi
300hr Certified

Polyxeni Aklidi is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a freelance actress based in Athens Greece. Her interest for meditation and yoga was triggered during her studies in drama school, where she started sensing the innate wisdom of the body. During the last fifteen years, while working on stage, she has kept an intensive yoga practice. In and all she has found the two complementary in an intriguing way. Her love for yoga and performance led her to travel around the world, from Brazil to India, to the States, England and Costa Rica she has had the opportunity to connect with great teachers as well as share her knowledge and inspiration along the way. She discovered Jivamukti yoga in New York and followed her heart to Costa Rica where she was trained amidst an ensemble of wonderful people. Ever grateful from the teachings she has received, she cherishes the opportunity to share her yoga practice, combining asana, meditation, chanting, yogic philosophy, poetry and literature in order to inspire people to live with more awareness and love for all beings.