Ruxandra Taranto
300hr Certified

Hey, my name is Ruxandra and i offer mindfulness-based integrative health and wellness treatments such as Holistic Massages, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Reiki and Yoga classes. My journey of holistic living and learning first began with my love for Yoga. Ten years ago in Germany suffering from back pain I decided with a friends suggestion to try a Yoga class to treat it. Reluctantly I went, and class after class I not only notice the relief in my body but a change in my mind. I was hooked! I realized back then that not only was this something I enjoyed doing but it was something I wanted to master. So the first step was to feel more comfortable in myself my mind and body through the initial classes we all first take in Yoga to gain confidence. After several years of this It helped me calm my spirit clear my mind and find the union or Yoga within myself. In doing so it opened the door to my next step in Yoga. In this new found security I found the courage to explore even deeper my limits and desires in Yoga. What better place to confront and embrace this than the source itself. Traveling to the east as far as Nepal and of course India. It was here that I emersed myself into the culture and science of Yoga. Eight years from that first class I came full circle to New York to finally take all that I had learned and experienced in my travels. It was here that I entered Sharon Gannon & David Life Jivamukti teacher Training in New York to get certified. During all this time I discovered the on going relation between Yoga’s ability to help the person self heal and the benefits to also assist this process through the manipulation and release of deeper emotional stress through massage therapy. Thanks to my massage teacher Thorsten Wilms in Ibiza and my travels to Guatemala to receive Reiki guidance. This help me gain a deeper understanding of massage and its deeper connection between a physical and spiritual massage. It was a natural transition for me from yoga to massage. Simply because of massages ability to further prepare one’s body and mind for Yoga.