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Sharon Bartels

300 Hr Certified



About Sharon

“My grandmother was a Amsterdam based yoga teacher, but as a child I only thought it very funny her doing all these pretzel like poses.  Little did I know that 16 years ago I would find my own way to yoga. Many inspiring teachers (Thank you  Gösta, Alison, Sandra, Lydia!) crossed my path, but I really felt like coming home, diving into Jivamukti Yoga, a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice. After doing my Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in India, I started teaching in Amsterdam. I like strong, creative and integrated classes, not only about the asanas, but with a focus on the core: the ancient yoga teachings/philosophy.

My dear teacher David Life just says it all: “ Yoga is not for people interested in staying the same”. And then there’s always the Beastie Boys to remind us: "I've never been more ready in my entire life to do this right now. Never” (from Alive)”.

Born in Amsterdam, 1970, after high school I studied European Studies (Italian, Spanish, European Law, Art History) at the University of Amsterdam. I started working as a Communications/PR advisor and Press Officer for the Dutch Government in 1997 and continued working for different ministeries and projects.