Steinunn Una Sigurdardottir
300hr Certified

Una was born and raised in Iceland. Through the years running was her thing and running took up most of her freetime. After many years of running and yoga classes here and there to maintain flexibility, Una was in New York for a week and discovered Jivamukti Yoga, which stirred her heart and soul like nothing she had ever experienced before. She took the 75h training with Olga Oskorbina at Jivamukti Barcelona, 2019 and there became Vegan overnight 🙂 Then, Una went to the 300h Teacher Training with Rima Rabbath and Jules Febre in India, 2020. For her Yoga is a spiritual practice and so she would like to have her classes. Jivamukti yoga has given Una inspiration, consciousness and knowledge to follow the path to liberation through compassion for others. She hopes to inspire the people in her classes to give them self time for Yoga in their lifestyle where the intention is that all beings may be happy and free.