Tiranti Annalisa
300hr Certified
United Kingdom

A creative soul who has always found her inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, Annalisa Tiranti stopped working as an interior designer to dedicate herself to teaching and practising yoga. She studied Jivamukti yoga under the founders of the technique, Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York, and continues to learn and grow as both a student and teacher at the Sangyé School in London under Cat Alip-Douglas and Phil Douglas. For Annalisa, yoga is a path to expressing her deeper self and living a more connected and wholehearted life, and her mission is to share this experience with others.

Freedom through structure

The name Jivamukti comes from the Sanskrit ‘jivanmuktih’ meaning “liberation while living”. It is designed to be both beneficial to your day to day life, as well as complementing your other spiritual practices. Each class takes us on a journey together, with intense and demanding peaks that push the body and focus the mind, balanced with periods of slowness and gentleness to explore alignment and give space for integration. Rooted in a focus of the month based on classical yoga teachings, the classes and sequence are designed to encourage a deeper exploration from week to week, and to give variety and breadth from month to month.

Each class always includes a variety of techniques to support and enhance your yoga practice including chanting, breath awareness, flowing sequences, alignment.