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Valerie Slebi Lunet

300 Hr Certified

Eimsbüttel - Hamburg Eimsbüttel (Stadtteil), Deutschland


About Valerie

I am certified in and teach Jivamukti and Pregnancy Yoga courses and workshops. I am passionate about the essence of yoga coming from within and its application to modern lifestyle. With very dynamic classes I take you through yoga poses, yoga breathing techniques and spirituality all in one beautiful form. Through thoughtful sequences that flow from pose to pose, students are learning to breathe and be in the moment very actively. I have practised yoga since 2008. Personally, I practise Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga and several dance techniques. I've trained to teach with Yogeswari, Patrick Broome, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jenny Cornero, Céline Ryf Fraefel, Dhyāyinī Heidi Aemisegger, and Gabriela Bozic (also Sanskrit). I am based in Hamburg, Germany, teaching all levels of pregnancy and after pregnancy care as well as rehabilitation and balancing of body changes. When not on the yoga mat, I am a marketer and producer in various fields of lifestyle marketing such as beauty, wellness, and fashion - and moving into new areas - because I love learning. I speak English and Spanish by nature and a bit of German and French. Hope to see you on the mat!

BOOKING & PRESS REQUEST: Please send a direct message on Instagram @Valerie_1v