Veronika Mareková
75hr Certified
Copenhagen Ø

I am originally from Slovakia, but I have been living in Copenhagen since 2013 studying marketing and working. Trying different studios and practicing with different teachers around Copenhagen I became very passionate about Jivamukti yoga and their way of teaching. I fell in love with Jivamukti from the first class, I feel like it has everything I need. The creative sequences make me move, play around and give out all the excess energy, and the beautiful mantra chants and inspiring dharma talks open my heart and help me to develop compassion and patience towards myself and others. I have done 75h Jivamukti TT in Barcelona initially in order to deepen my own practice, but I realised that teaching and working with people is something I truly enjoy and see as meaningful. Through my teachings I would love to introduce people to different yoga practices they can include into their everyday lives and inspire them to plant and grow that seed of compassion.