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Bessima Agha

300 Hr Certified

Hamburg, Hamburg


About Bessima

Bessima completed her first yoga teacher training at the start of 2017 and soon discovered the practice of Jivamukti.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Bessima travelled to beautiful Costa Rica to complete a further 300 hours of training with Emma Henry, Moritz Ulrich - and Rima Rabbath, who was her original inspiration to follow Jivamukti in the first place.

The training changed her practice and lifted it to another level both on and off the mat. Learning to be compassionate for all beings as well as finding balance, freedom and serenity for herself.

She and her Yoga mat are traveling for a little while now, but Bessima can’t wait to share her love and life-changing Jivamukti experiences with you in her classes back in Hamburg, Germany when she returns in October.