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Carolin Schneider

300 Hr Certified



About Carolin

Carolin is a certified yoga teacher, naturopath and a passionate supporter of animal and environmental rights. She has spent time in the US, UK and in India to deepen her knowledge about yoga and meditation. Her teachings are inspired by both the Western emphasis on physical aspects and the Eastern focus on yoga philosophy and its ancient spiritual wisdom.

Her classes are characterized by a blend of strengthening and stretching practices in a flowing sequence as well as restorative, relaxing components, accompanied by meditation and music. As a trauma-informed yoga teacher, Carolin is always giving her students the choice and options to move their bodies in ways, that feel comfortable.

Yoga has taught her to live and let all other beings live and not to judge everything people say or do, unless they cause harm to others. It is also through yoga, that she has learned to laugh at herself. Feeling and expressing compassion for herself and other beings.

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover, that the prisoner was you." - Lewis B.Smedes