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Jivamukti Certified Teacher

Catherine Miranda

300 Hr Certified

Woodstock, NY


About Catherine

Catherine is thrilled and humbled to serve as a Jivamukti teacher, spreading the message of love and yoga. Catherine also practices as an occupational therapist and is passionate about making yoga accessible for all who are interested in Samadhi (Union & Bliss).

Originally from Woodstock, NY , Catherine stumbled upon Jivamukti through a series of divine interventions (eventually taking those stumbles all the way to India for teacher training). Jivamukti has been a vehicle for so much happiness on and off the mat, teaching a life of devotion, scriptural study, compassion/ non-harming , music/ deep listening and meditation...all integrated with a fun and vigorous asana practice! Catherine bows to all of her holy teachers, especially Sharon-Ji and David-Ji for developing the Jivamukti method, "a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings." Jai Shri Krishna!

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