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Céline Fraefel

Advanced Certified



About Céline

When I first stood on a yoga mat 10 years ago and did the exercises, it was like coming home. The asanas seemed so familiar to me - like something I loved as a child and then somehow forgot. Yogapraxis has reminded me of what it means to be completely sunk in the here and now without missing or regretting anything. It was only natural for me that I wanted to share this joy with others.

In 2006, I met my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York.

This mantra that teaches and lives Sharon and David has fundamentally changed my practice. Yoga does not mean to behave passively, but to actively participate in the well-being of all. The best way to become happy is to do everything to make others happy - and not just a few chosen ones, but really all creatures. And that starts with the thoughts. Since then, I have been singing this mantra every day to cultivate a positive thought.

That I taught myself yoga today, I am largely indebted to my wonderful teacher and mentor Yogeswari. Through her powerful and awakening teachings, she has shown me that through yoga, you can really move something with yourself and with others. It is my greatest inspiration.