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Jivamukti Certified Teacher

Dorothy Keady

300 Hr Certified

Brooklyn, NY


About Dorothy

Born and raised in the city of Chicago, IL, Dorothy originally moved to New York to study art, and work in the fashion industry in 2005. In 2010, Dorothy began taking classes, originally drawn to yoga for it’s challenging physical asana practice. However, soon her interest in the spiritual elements of her yoga practice grew, with it's intrinsic ability to heal both her depression and anxiety.

By a stroke of good luck, in the spring of 2016, Dorothy left the fashion industry to study, and complete her 300-Hour Jivamukti teacher training at the Omega Institute.

She is deeply humbled and forever grateful for the opportunity to from her beautiful and wise teachers, Jivamukti co-founders, Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Dorothy likewise remains deeply thankful for her teachers Emma Henry, Camilla Veen, John Smrtic, and Jill Abelson, who led her Jivamukti teacher training; and Rima Rabbath, with whom she continues to study in New York City. Words could never fully articulate her appreciation for their abundant love, guidance, and support.

Their unwavering compassion, tenderness, and dedication to peace inspires Dorothy, both as a student and teacher, to remain increasingly committed to her spiritual journey, by living a life of love, tenderheartedness, and joy.

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