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Jivamukti Certified Teacher

Elii Manzo

800 Hr Certified

New York, NY


About Elii

Elii Manzo teaches how to put the shapes and vibrations of all your dimensions in synchronistic harmony with your soul and source. She uses the tools of touch, asana, pranayama, music, singing, softness, silence, dance, play, spontaneity and comm-UNITY. Her classes are your toolkit to the universe of YOU, and these tools are offerings that invite you, through your own volition, to become firmly planted in deep knowing of Self.
Elii is 800-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, CAL certified Kindergarten Teacher (we are all children!) and writer/poet. She loves, respects and holds deep gratitude for all teachers, seen and unseen, with special reverence for Sharon Gannon, David Life, Andrea Boyd, and Professor Mohammed Rajah.

Elii can be found teaching, writing, and otherwise being human on planet earth.