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Jivamukti Certified Teacher

Jen Kluczkowski

Advanced Certified

New York, NY


About Jen

Jen Kluczkowski has been practicing the Jivamukti Method since 2006 and completed her 800-hour certification in 2013 under the mentorship of Rima Rabbath. Her classes incorporate practical application of yoga philosophy and intelligent sequencing that builds up to challenging postures. She strives to help students stretch their idea of what's possible by using their body and breath as tools. She's also a big fan of the harmonium and it's heart-opening vibes.

In 2014, Jen founded Mindfresh, a modern meditation experience for people who sit all day long. Through Mindfresh, over 1,000 mindfulness experiences have been held on-site at Fortune 500s coast-to-coast. She's spoken on the power of mindful work at SXSW, Columbia Business School, L'Oreal, Deutsche Bank and The New York Times. She's been featured in YOTEL in-room TV content, Entrepreneur, and Well + Good.

Jen is thrilled to credit everything she shares outside of Jivamukti back to Jivamukti and its brilliant teachers.

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