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Juli Ferrena

300 Hr Certified

New York, NY


About Juli

Juli is an artist, a world traveler, and life-long yoga student. With a foundation in ashtanga, destiny brought her to Jivamukti Yoga School NYC where her yoga journey would change forever. Soon she was attending class every day, gaining the knowledge that would deeply enrich every single aspect of her life.

With the encouragement of her great teachers, Juli decided that it was time to do teacher training. She had the privilege of traveling all the way to the Govardhan Eco Village, in beautiful lndia, with some of the best yoga teachers/spiritual leaders in the world; Jules Febre, Lady Ruth, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Radhanath Swami. She is forever grateful for her experiences and continues to use her comprehensive knowledge of yoga to give private lessons, and of course, in her own life on a daily basis.

Juli is an advocate for veganism and feels that it is her duty to promote non-violence, kindness, and compassion toward all beings.