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Katya Rubanova-Kushner

Advanced Certified



About Katya

Born in Moscow, Russia. Moved to NYC when i was 9 y old. After not being satisfied with life growing up in the city...this feeling that there is something greater that i was meant to find and do. in 2001 a friend took me to an open jivamukti yoga class at lafayette street, the class was thought by Uma. That moment blew my mind...i felt that i have arrived to a place that would pave the way... from this point life began to gain meaning. In 2004 I have moved back to Moscow, with my husband at the time we opened the first western style yoga studio (NYM Yoga) in 2006. With in a year our second location was open. In 2009 I became the first jivamukti yoga certified teacher in Russia. In 2012 became advanced certified. At the moment I live and teach in Moscow at the Jivamukti Yoga Moscow center.

I am endlessly grateful to my dear teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for introducing me to YOGA, for inspiring me to walk down this path.  my gratitude to guru-ji sri shalendra sharma for accepting me into the lineage of Kriya Yoga. I am thankful for the long and productive relationship with my ex-husband Max..thank you for proving me with the opportunity to have such an amazing yoga center. limitless and eternal love to my daughter Mia, you are my light! love and gratitude to every single person that my path has crossed with. all of you are teachers!

"with great love all is possible" - Sharon Gannon