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Michele Jongeneel

800 Hr Certified

New York, NY


About Michele

“To have a sound mind is to have a sound body.” This quote from Joseph Pilates resonates deeply with Michele who has been a life-long dancer. It was through dance that she was introduced to yoga and Pilates as a means to lengthen, strengthen and align the body. Little did she know she was also strengthening her mind and spirit!

Michele has dedicated her life to helping others find the same transformation of mind, body and soul that she witnessed in her own life. She believes that by realizing the connection between a healthy body and mind, it is possible to change your perception of the world and how you can live your life.

Michele is an 800-Hour Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is grateful for the direct teachings of Jivamukti co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. She was blessed to complete her apprenticeship under the loving guidance of Ruth Lauer-Manenti to whom she is eternally grateful.

Michele is also a classical Pilates teacher and Off-Broadway performer, dancer and aerialist.

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