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Nadine Lucky Lakshmi

Advanced Certified



About Nadine

Nadine's path started in 2000 when, after a personal stroke of fate, she took her first lesson to better deal with stress. But that's not all: Philosophy fascinated her so much that she deepened her practice and decided to teach Sivananda. Soon, yoga was no longer something she did, but what she lived.

Curiosity and enjoyment of the movement led her to many other teachers - and at some point in her first Jivamuktistunde. And it was ... so good that she did her Jivamukti teacher training in NY in May 2008 and then did the Aprenticeship with her teacher Petros.

Since then, she has been teaching with great enthusiasm at the Munich Jivamukti Center and other gyms, giving workshops in various cities in Germany and retreats in Andalusia, Tuscany, Portugal, Austria and Goa.

In her lessons, she makes sure that the asanas are executed accurately and anatomically - but at the same time they can be felt and enjoyed. Breath and movement flowing into each other. With every dog ​​again.

Yoga may be fun. Then the sense comes on its own.