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Sascha Kaus

300 Hr Certified

Ibiza, Illes Balleares


About Sascha

I am a multifaceted human being. Originally working in the media industry I found my way into yoga in 2011 on a trip to India. After starting my practice on my own with books and at home I started looking for teachers and community that would inspire me. What I was looking for I found in Jivamukti classes that I attended in the Berlin center but I also found my way to New York where I got inspired by the teachings of Lady Ruth and others. In 2013 I attended the teacher training in New York with Sharon Gannon, David Life and Lady Ruth. Besides my work as a filmmaker I am also a passionate self trained vegan chef. I have already cooked in the Jivamukti Canteen in Berlin and on retreats for Jivamukti Berlin. Since 2016 I am hosting and organising my own retreats under the name of SveetRetreat where I invite friends to teach while I host the kitchen where I prepare the most delicious vegan food to inspire others in a nonjudgemental way the with abundance and joy of a plant based diet. Besides my passion for Yoga and food I am also a trained Thai Yoga Massage Therapist sharing the beauty of the sacred touch. I am  constantly roaming around the world but most likely you will find me in Ibiza. The island has been a constant part in my life and is the place where I hosts some of my retreats, give massages and practice on the mat and in the kitchen. If you ever come to the island and are looking for some Jivamukti Yoga, delicious vegan food or a relaxing massage don't hesitate to contact me!