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Ulrike Schäfer

300 Hr Certified



About Ulrike

Ulrike started practicing yoga in 2006, discovered Jivamukti Yoga in NYC in 2011 - and felt at home immediately. She is driven by the idea that yoga is not a way of constant self-optimisation in a high-pressure society, but a means of connection, of making the world more peaceful. She tries to inspire others by setting a creative, joyful example. Practicing and learning in a community help her to open up more and more, and to find new ways of looking at and understanding the world around her.

After a few detours and several years of practice, she got certified as a Jivamukti Teacher in 2017. She’s forever grateful to her teachers, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari, Jules Febre, Moritz Ulrich - and all the others of the past, present and future - for sharing their incredible knowledge, for their dedication, passion and wisdom. She practices and teaches in Berlin, Germany.