Certified Teachers

Liza McCormick

Liza feels blessed to share with others the practice that brought significant physical and spiritual transformations,...

Certified Teachers

Salema Julia Veliu

Salema teaches Jivamukti Yoga internationally and became a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2009 in New York at the feet...

Certified Teachers

Anna Greer

Anna is a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, writer and activist from Sydney, Australia. Anna completed her 300-hr Jivamukti Yoga...

Certified Teachers

Yusui Igarashi

He began to practice Ashtanga Yoga, slips out from 2008 from the ruined life, and began to change his life gradually.

Certified Teachers

Annette Böhmer

I am practicing Yoga since 1997, and I am teaching vinyasa yoga since 2007.

Certified Teachers

Tara Copp-Barton

Classes in Manchester, UK. Please contact for further information.

Certified Teachers

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, with over ten years of teaching experience.

December, 2014


The ancient yogic scriptures declare that God is sound and sound is God: Shabda Brahman. There is nothing but God. God is everything. God is real. God is reality. God is sound. All forms...

Sacred Texts

The Lines in the Water

by Lisa Dawn Angerame

While the outer expression of the journey appears to differ, the inner expression is the same.

Yoga Practice

Practice, Prepare, Teach

by Jules Febre

I am writing this from a coffee shop in Beijing, China. It is November 2nd. Some mark it as the 2nd day of the month but due to...


Detox Diary

by Emily Buttle

Excited to finally get my copy of Sharon Gannon’s “Simple Recipies for Joy” I flicked through the gorgeous range of things to make, yet what first grabbed my at


The Forest (Yoga and Art)

by Katie Manitsas

The forest is the bottom line. Without it the thousands of species that have evolved with it will fade from the earth.