Certified Teachers

Mark Knowles

Mark began studying Zen Buddhism and Aikido in 1990 with Master Robert Balker. This planted the seed of Svādhyāya--Self-...

Certified Teachers

Jessica Kung Dreyfus

Jessica is an 800hr certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and senior heart yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga for 10 years...

Certified Teachers

Jeanine Schimel

Jeanine began practicing yoga in 1997 when her future husband took her to her first class.

Certified Teachers

Jodi Stuart

Jodi is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher and has been practicing for over 30 years.

Certified Teachers

Stacy Lanyon

Stacy Lanyon is a 300-hour Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. She took her first yoga class in 2002. Shortly after that, she...

Certified Teachers

Ximena Milagros S...

Ximena was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. She began practicing yoga at the age of 18,...

May, 2015

What Is the Meaning of Life?

The Rg Veda uses a vernacular that still survives today when an unanswerable question is asked. We shrug our shoulders and say, “Who knows?” Really we mean that...

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss