Certified Teachers

Jill Abelson

I'm a long-time environmental activist and so Jivamukti Yoga resonated with me immediately. My first classes were at the...

Certified Teachers

Christine Kibel

Christine is an 800-hour Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, she came to New...

Certified Teachers

Jovana Subotic

Jovana has always had a love of movement and dance. When she discovered yoga at age 17 she fell in love with the practice....

Certified Teachers

Jan Hanke

2005: First exciting yoga class at "Lord vishnu`s couch" in Cologne
2007: Jivamukti teachertraining near Berlin/...

Certified Teachers

Susan Steiner

Susan began to study yoga back in 1992 at a small community class on the Upper East Side of New York City.

Certified Teachers

Sharon Huizinga

Sharon grew up in the mountains of British Columbia and love of wildness remains a fundamental part of what excites her...

November, 2015


The longhaired one carries within (her)self fire and poison and both heaven and earth. To look at (her) is like seeing heavenly brightness in its fullness. (She) is said to be...

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss