Certified Teachers

Jordanna Rock-Garden

Throughout her early life, Jordanna found herself drawn to the music, art, philosophy, culture and spirituality of the East...

Certified Teachers

regina Gambarte

Regina wuchs in einer freigeistigen Atmosphäre auf. Der Papa spanischer Profimusiker, die Mama Künstlerin und Lehrerin für...

Certified Teachers

Jillian Friedman

Jillian’s twenty year career in developing fragrance and bath products, has contributed to a deepened awareness and...

Certified Teachers

Lou Lynn

I have been enjoying my yoga practice for over a decade and have sought teachers worldwide to train with, in Europe, New...

Certified Teachers

Gilli Axel

Gilli Axel was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga in 1997 and in 2007completed her teacher training with her teachers Sharon...

February, 2015


Stephen King said, “There are books full of great writing that don’t have very good stories.”

Yoga Practice

Time Travel; reflections on the Focus of the Month

by Katie Manitsas

Unpacking the idea of time travel and the philosophy and physics of this month's focus.

Yoga Practice

Love and Understanding; a reflection on recent world events.

by Katie Manitsas

Life is love and love is life. What is desire but love of the self? And what is knowledge but love of truth? Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Everything Else

Nurturing My True Nature

by Jules Febre

Traveling can equal being exposed to non-stop consumer culture, artificial light, continuous human chatter, not to mention hours upon hours of hip flexion