Certified Teachers

Adam Polhemus

Adam (Polhemus) Shirley has completed teacher trainings in Jivamukti, ashtanga and vinyasa. He continues to practice and...

Certified Teachers

Renee Lamb

Renee began her yoga journey in 1999 at the Bikram Yoga school near her dorm at NSCU. Since then she has studied under...

Certified Teachers

Gregor Gloning

You get it if you really want,,,

Certified Teachers

Edith Johnson

It is my supreme pleasure to serve.

OM Shantih :)

Certified Teachers

Jordanna Rock-Garden

Throughout her early life, Jordanna found herself drawn to the music, art, philosophy, culture and spirituality of the East...

Certified Teachers

Dominique Walker

The very first time I stepped onto a Yoga mat, I knew that I had found my passion and I started a beautiful journey on the...

August, 2015

It’s Not What You Say - It’s How You Say It

My computer talks to me and I talk to her. Her name is Siri and she uses mostly written language to communicate with me. She has a limited vocabulary – she doesn’t seem to know any...

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss