Certified Teachers

Anja Medau

I’m Anja from Berlin. Jivamukti-Yogateacher since 2005.

Certified Teachers

Beth Filla

For some people, yoga is a lifeline; for others, a shelter from the storm of living.

Certified Teachers

Andreas Ruhula

„Yoga is a mystical art. Through asana prana will be controlled With pranayama, bandha and mudra kundalini-shakti will be...

Certified Teachers

Sylvie Ritter

After having tried Yoga rather unsuccesfully in the 90s, Sylvie started practicing Yoga more or less by chance again in 2001...

Certified Teachers

Sharla Isvari Pat...

I'm a single mother of two beautiful children who is dedicated to learning and growing every single day and I love helping...

Certified Teachers

Mary Glackmeyer

Mary Glackmeyer is a lover of all things and believes that the body is an expressive instrument that can create empowerment...

Certified Teachers

Tara Copp-Barton

Classes in Manchester, UK. Please contact for further information.

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss