Certified Teachers

Ally Gopi

Ally Gopi is a traveling Bhakta, whose desire is to serve unconditionally through the avenues of Jivamukti Yoga methodology...

Certified Teachers

Xanthe Tabor

I am a yogini and residential real estate broker with Halstead Property, specializing in downtown Manhattan.

Certified Teachers

YuMee Chung

Padmani (YuMee Chung) is a former securities lawyer who left a busy practice to engage more deeply with life.

Certified Teachers

regina Gambarte

Regina wuchs in einer freigeistigen Atmosphäre auf. Der Papa spanischer Profimusiker, die Mama Künstlerin und Lehrerin für...

Certified Teachers

Laila Thaw

Of Middle Eastern and East European heritage, Laila grew up in a mosaic of golden domes of Moscow churches, slim minarets of...

July, 2014

Sex, Death, Sleep, Love, Magic and Pratyahara

Guruji, what is pratyahara?,” I asked my teacher. He came closer to me, turned my head to face a wall in his practice room and asked, “Look at that wall, what do you see?...

Sacred Texts

The Lines in the Water

by Lisa Dawn Angerame

While the outer expression of the journey appears to differ, the inner expression is the same.


The Forest (Yoga and Art)

by Katie Manitsas

The forest is the bottom line. Without it the thousands of species that have evolved with it will fade from the earth.