Certified Teachers

Willis Tant

Willis teaches with great sweetness and enthusiasm. Her classes are such joy, relevant, and meaningful.

Certified Teachers

Nina Gronnerod

Nina started her yoga journey in 2000 with Yoga from Satyananda tradition. In 2007 she got to know Ashtanga Yoga, and in...

Certified Teachers

Patrizia Doeringer

Patrizia was born in Munich, Germany, she grew up in a musician's family, starting at a very early age to play the violin....

Certified Teachers

Ira Natalie Ziege...

Ira believes that a yoga practice is an amazing way to deepen the connection to your inner self, the body, the community,...

Certified Teachers

Sandhi Gayatri Fe...

Sandhi “Gayatri ” Ferreira has been practicing Jivamukti Yoga since 1995, dancing with a hula-hoop since 2005 and training...

Certified Teachers

June Deuell

June grew up in the beautiful country side of Western New York State. Her yoga journey began while attending the School of...

Certified Teachers

Jenna Faith

Jenna recieved her 800 hour teaching certification in May 2014 through the Jivamukti Teacher Training program, and received...

Certified Teachers

Nina Winkler

I am a journalist by trade, writing books and articles for magazines such as SHAPE and my main subject is fitness. Writing...

Certified Teachers

Claire Gerber

Claire’s Yoga journey began with a touch of serendipity in 2006 when she attended her first Bikram Yoga class.

Certified Teachers

Fletcher Boote

As an accomplished visual artist and vocalist, Fletcher has always been drawn towards the creative and meditative aspects of...

February, 2016

The Sound of Yoga

taj-japas tad-artha-bhāvanam
By chanting Om one realizes the meaning of Om....

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss