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Amy McDonald

Born and raised in New Zealand, Amy made London her home in 2002.

Previously working as a Designer in Interior...

Certified Teachers

Lou Lynn

I have been enjoying my yoga practice for over a decade and have sought teachers worldwide to train with, in Europe, New...

Certified Teachers

Roxana Le Lievre

Roxana was born in Peru. She was educated in Catholic schools and language institutes and is competent in 4 languages. She...

Certified Teachers

Céline Géneau

Céline is a French passionate yogini who loves planting seeds and spreading flowers! Through her yoga practice, she has...

Certified Teachers

Daniela Fuentes

If you are lucky enough to know Daniela Fuentes, a.k.a. Xicome, then you know your world is going to change. From a...

Certified Teachers


Melissa Elise developed a deep understanding of fitness and body alignment from growing up as a dancer. She began performing...

Certified Teachers

Bhagavan Angulo

Starting in 2010,Bhagavan has immersed himself deep into the practice of yoga.After a year of practice he was inspired to...

November, 2015


The longhaired one carries within (her)self fire and poison and both heaven and earth. To look at (her) is like seeing heavenly brightness in its fullness. (She) is said to be...

Yoga Practice

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

by Jill Abelson

Intuition is not a gift, but a skill. - Carolyn Myss