Certified Teachers

April Dechagas

April began her yoga practice in 2008 as a preparation for surf camp in Costa Rica, but fell in love with yoga and only fell...

Certified Teachers

Danielle Tafeen

Danielle possesses tremendous faith in the transformative power of a daily yoga practice. The connection to her teachers at...

Certified Teachers

Nick Cervonaro

Countless hours in recording studios and sleepless nights for over 10 years is what attracted Nick to the practice of yoga...

Certified Teachers

Karo Tak

Karo started her career as a performer until one day her activism, her mission to make the world a better place just took...

Certified Teachers

Lindsey Guttilla

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lindsey began to study yoga in 2003 as a way to compliment her Pilates training. An...

Certified Teachers

Lizzie Reumont

I was first drawn to yoga as a philosophy student over 15 years ago as a way of deepening my understanding of the...

Certified Teachers

Sarah Jow

Medical Doctor

Yoga practitioner since 2003

2007 2 year Sivananda Teacher Training

2010 300h Jivamukti...

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Jenya took her first yoga class years ago, right after she moved to NYC from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, when a friend brought...

Certified Teachers

Lauren Donelson

Lauren found yoga shortly after moving to New York City for university. Yoga has continually helped Lauren live with more...

Certified Teachers

Eric Ernerstedt

Eric is a trained dancer and has worked at several different dance companies, both in Sweden and internationally.

April, 2015

Forgetting and Remembering

Our original nature, or enlightened Self lies untarnished - but forgotten, in the abode of the body. The enlightened Self is consciousness as blissful life force moving through all beings. This...

Yoga Practice

Time Travel; reflections on the Focus of the Month

by Katie Manitsas

Unpacking the idea of time travel and the philosophy and physics of this month's focus.

Yoga Practice

Love and Understanding; a reflection on recent world events.

by Katie Manitsas

Life is love and love is life. What is desire but love of the self? And what is knowledge but love of truth? Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Everything Else

Nurturing My True Nature

by Jules Febre

Traveling can equal being exposed to non-stop consumer culture, artificial light, continuous human chatter, not to mention hours upon hours of hip flexion