Interview with Sharon Gannon : Jogadnes Magazine

September 14, 2018

An interview with the founder of the jivamukti yoga method – Sharon Gannon.

We welcome Mokshala Cambridge as a Jivamukti Affiliate Studio!

September 11, 2018

Mokshala Yoga and Meditation Centre is an intimate and friendly studio, in the heart of Saffron Walden, a beautiful historical medieval town. It thrives on being an inclusive community of dedicated yoga teachers and practitioners from the local area as well as those who travel regularly from a little further – but with a strong …


September 10, 2018

Sharon is best known for creating, along with David Life, the Jivamukti Yoga Method. This method emphasizes asana, Sanskrit, scriptural study, devotion, prayer, music, chanting and meditation as well as animal rights, veganism, environmentalism and political activism. She is known for teaching yoga as spiritual activism and is changing the way that people view, spirituality, …

Mantra Magazine Fall Issue

September 09, 2018

Feed the Birds – Taking care of others is a sure way to increase your own happiness:  Sharon Gannon  

Yoga Is Vegan: Q&A with Sharon Gannon

August 07, 2018

Sharon’s roster of students have included many celebrities including vegan superhero’s Kris Carr and Cowspiracy and What the Health’s filmmaker, Kip Andersen. It is my honor and pleasure to share my interview with this legendary vegan yogi. 

Integral Yoga Magazine Book Review: Magic Ten and Beyond

August 01, 2018

This powerful little book from legendary yoga teacher Sharon Gannon shows readers how to design their very own daily spiritual practice, incorporating yoga poses and practices, meditation, blessings, and other spiritual practices, to begin one’s day in a positive and life-affirming place.  The Magic Ten and Beyond—Daily Spiritual Practice for Greater Peace and Well-Being by Sharon …

Triyoga talks episode 3: Sharon Gannon on yoga + veganism

July 27, 2018

Sharon Gannon is an author, musician and animal rights activist. She is perhaps best known as the co-creator of Jivamukti yoga, a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. In this latest episode in our podcast series, she talks with Genny Wilkinson Priest on the nature of teachers and students, her own personal sadhana …

Kristin McGee: Interview with Sharon Gannon

July 25, 2018

By Kristin @kristinmcgee I first discovered yoga in the early 90’s when I was at NYU Tisch School of the Arts for acting school. One of my very first teachers was studying at Jivamukti yoga center and she told me how great it was. I vividly remember the smell of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castille soap …

Evolver podcast: Interview with Sharon Gannon by Ken Jordan

July 25, 2018

You can see the emerging consciousness movement everywhere: the mainstreaming of mindfulness and yoga, the popularity of all things witchy, the growing interest in whole plant botanical medicines, the respectful study of indigenous wisdom traditions, the rise of the divine feminine, and the long overdue awakening to the potential of psychedelics. Each week host Ken …

In celebration with “The Magic 10 and Beyond”: Chopin Nocturnes by Katya Grineva

July 16, 2018

In celebration with “The Magic 10 and Beyond”, the newest book by yoga master Sharon Gannon New York, NY (For Release 05.31.18) — Described by The New York Times as “liquid…dreamlike,” acclaimed Russian pianist Katya Grineva returns to Carnegie Hall for her highly anticipated album release concert for one night only, Monday, July 16, 2018. …

Tranquility-du-jour: interview with Sharon Gannon by Kimberly Wilson

July 16, 2018

The Magic Ten with Sharon Gannon. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, we discuss the components of the Magic Ten, the importance of daily practice, how an ancient Egyptian cartouche inspired her, and more.

A Better World Radio: Interview with Sharon Gannon and Katya Grineva by Mitchell Rabin

July 11, 2018

Mitchell’s guests this week are performing at Carnegie Hall this Monday, July 16, brilliant concert pianist Katya Grineva and author, yogi and co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga,Sharon Gannon. Russian-born pianist Katya played her first nocturne at the age of eight and is now known for her deep connection to the Romantics. This concert marks her 18th …

GirlieGirl Army: Daily Spiritual Practice for Greater Peace and Well-Being

July 09, 2018

Through repetition the magic is forced to rise. For a practice to yield sweet fruit it must be done regularly—daily is best. It should become a habit, a good habit like brushing your teeth. And like brushing your teeth, a daily yoga practice doesn’t have to take all day. Do it first thing in the …

Yoga International: email interview with Sharon Gannon by Jaimie Epstien

July 05, 2018

My inspiration comes from my awe and passion for these ancient practices. Inspiration doesn’t come from outside—it springs from inside, from practices that draw us inward toward our true Self. Inspired practice never gets old or boring—it continues to renew itself, revealing more and more depth to the mystery. I “came up” with the Magic …

Chronogram Magazine: Tap into your spiritual side

July 01, 2018

Tap into your spiritual side at this super-Zen book signing event. Author Sharon Gannon will discuss and sign her new book, The Magic Ten and Beyond: Creating a Personalized Daily Spiritual Practice for Greater Peace and Well-Being. The Woodstock-based yogini and health activist founded Jivamukti Yoga in Manhattan. She advocates for animal rights and is …

Edge Magazine: New Books | Summer 2018

July 01, 2018

The Magic Ten and Beyond: Daily Spiritual Practice for Greater Peace and Well-Being, by Sharon Gannon (Tarcher Perigee), 112 pages — From the co-founder of the yoga method that launched yoga into the mega-popular mind-body practice that it is today (the Jivamukti method), here is a simple guide to developing your own individualized daily spiritual …

Mantra Magazine: July (Print Issue):

July 01, 2018

Yoga Without the Class | Nine Ways to Practice Yoga + Self-Care Everyday  By Sharon Gannon  

Thrive Global: Adapted from the Magic Ten and Beyond

June 22, 2018

YOGA IS A SANSKRIT WORD that means “to yoke or reconnect.” The goal of yoga is Yoga—to remember one’s connection to God—the Supreme Source, eternal happiness itself. Yoga teaches that within each living being there is an eternal soul, the atman. The practices enable us to reconnect to the atman and to understand that our …

PETA Prime: ‘The Magic Ten and Beyond’ Will Transform Your Life

June 19, 2018

by Paula Moore According to Sharon Gannon, cofounder (along with David Life) of Jivamukti Yoga, “Magic happens when there is a shift in perception .” The practices in her new book, The Magic Ten and Beyond, are designed to help make that shift happen—and help readers begin each day feeling kinder, calmer, and more joyful.

Main Street Vegan Show Notes, June 13, 2018: Sharon Gannon + Nimai Delgado

June 13, 2018

Nimai Delgado decided to begin training in 2015 for his first natural bodybuilding contest on an all plant-based diet after learning more about the animal injustices and health risks associated with the dairy industry. He won the entire show and placed first in all divisions. Although he has only been in the bodybuilding world for three …