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About Our Sanctuary

The Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary is a magical 125-acre sanctuary established in 2003 and located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains near Woodstock in upstate New York (about 2 hours north of New York City and 3.5 miles from downtown Woodstock).

The Sanctuary serves as a safe haven and unpolluted habitat for diverse plant and animal communities, including white tail deer, black bear, foxes, porcupines, possums, raccoons, turkeys, as well as a large variety of wild birds, fish, snakes and other reptiles and amphibians. In present culture, the word wild is usually used to mean “chaotic” or “disorganized,” but the word actually means “living true to one’s nature; not restrained, controlled or tamed by others.” The quest for enlightenment is a quest for wildness—to return to the natural state in which we know ourselves as one with all that is and we live that truth fully.

Sharon Gannon often teaches that we can have anything we want so long as we are willing to provide it to others first. She and David Life live that teaching by having established and by maintaining the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary, which is the country ashram for the Jivamukti Yoga School.

Photographs of the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary - animals, yoga classes, the ashram, gardens, and the Yellow House,
Accomodations The Yellow House
THE 2016 JIVAMUKTI YOGA WILD WOODSTOCK INTENSIVE RETREAT Jivamukti Yoga Berlin humbly presents The 2016 Jivamukti Yoga Wild...
Directions to the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary by car and/or public transportation
The Yellow House is a guest house on the grounds of the Wild Woodstock Forest Sanctuary.

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