Into the Mouths of Babes: Reflections on our Jivamukti Vegan Education

by Jill Abelson

As our culture embraces marriage equality and gay rights, might we extend the same accord to animals?


Looking More Deeply at Brahmacarya

by Tamar Samir

A powerful way to practice brahmacarya.


Food and Spirit

by Victoria Moran

The yogis of ancient India looked into the matter of food and spirituality in great depth. Why modern-day yogis should follow their example..


Vegetarianism & Yoga

by Sharon Gannon

An essay from the "Vegetarianism" section on the old Jivamukti Yoga web site...


A letter regarding the 
Animal Rights Situation in Asia

by David Life

A letter written in 2001 
from David Life to Carlos Menjivar, General Manager of Jivamukti.