Karo Tak

300 Hour

Karo started her career as a performer, one day her true mission to make the world a better place just took over, she started working for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2012, which inspired her to write her own vegan cookbook. She works as a vegan chef, makes her own vegan cheese (GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE) and also works as an animal rights activist and Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Karo’s classes are dynamic and energetic with a smashing play-list, teachings drawn from her own life experience and work as an animal rights activist. Karo has taught weekly classes for about two years in Sydney, Australia, she has also toured internationally teaching all over the world and is now based in Lisbon, where she teaches weekly classes at FOODPRINTZ CAFE her own vegan cafe in the heart of Lisbon.

Article in Yoga Magazine Germany (July 2014) VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/103222002


HIP HOP! Mc Yogi. GAEA. Macklemore. You name it. I love ALL music! Rock. Hip Hop. Jazz. Blues. Kirtan.
JIVAMUKTI YOGA- Sharon Gannon & David Life Yoga & Vegetarianism- Sharon Gannon Ocean Warrior- Paul Watson The Spiritual Activist- Claudia Horwitz Fast Food for the Soul- Barbara Berger and all her books! Answers from the heart- Thich Nath Hanh (and all his books!) Taking the leap- Pema Chodron and MANY MORE
Too many. A documentary coming out next year called ON THE WILD SIDE will be a great one.

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