Never Give Up

Karo Tak reflects on the strength and dedication cultivated through Yoga.

Over six years ago now I entered this yoga path. How much I’ve learned. How much I’ve battled & struggled with and still do! Something which doesn’t get mentioned enough. How much inner strength is required. And dedication. And perseverance!  Like with anything else we get a filtered and delusional view on social media of yoga.  Perfect poses by perfect bodies in perfect clothes on a perfect location. In my personal opinion that has nothing to do with yoga anymore that’s just posing. 


For me Yoga is coming to terms with yourself and who you are. To see that you are enough. All you need is already all there. Accepting all your imperfections & working with them, using them to do good in this world. Yoga is knowing you become love and therefore no longer have to search for it but most of all yoga showed me all my body is capable of as long as I show up and do the work. 


During my TT 6 years back I struggled with my asana practice so so much. Headstand was something I thought was never going to be a reality for me.  But with a lot of hard work & dedication it was! Every time I view the world upside down I go back to that. To that feeling of not feeling good enough, not strong enough. Not capable of moving beyond myself. But I freaking did. And as a super bonus I get to teach people how they can too. Wow. What a concept! My dear teacher Sharon Gannon would say. What a concept indeed this thing called yoga. I will keep diving in deep, keep exploring, keep working, keep studying, keep sharing, keep caring, keep learning and teaching this magical concept we call YOGA. 

Karo Tak 


Image Luis Luz 


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