Vegan Wild Bird “Suet”

by Sharon Gannon |

(Only use in cold winter months otherwise the oil will melt)

       to double the recipe
1 ½ cup organic coconut oil (refined-neutral taste)   3 cups
¾ cup organic peanut butter    1 ½ cup
3 ½ cup wild bird seed   7 cups
1 cup quick organic oats   2 cups
½ cup organic corn meal     1 cup

Mix dry ingredients together

Melt coconut oil and peanut butter in a small pan

Pour over dry ingredients

Mix together

Spoon into molds (plastic Tupperware works good)

Flatten into shape to fit suet “cage”

Freeze to set (at least 5 hours)

Place one suet “brick” in suet cage

Serve –by hanging outside for bird friends to enjoy