Hindu Gods and Goddesses

by Sharon Gannon |
March, 2001

The Hindu Gods and Goddesses are vehicles for realizing our True Self, our unlimited Divine potential. Through our study of them, we can recognize our true inner qualities, such as Truth, Knowledge, Peace, and Compassion.

Brahman – or the Supreme God that is formless, changeless, eternal, and Absolute – is often hard for us to experience in everyday life. Deities represent God in form, and are more accessible to us. We are able to cultivate a relationship with one or more of the deities that allows us to come to know ourselves better.

For example, one can relate to goddess Durga’s strength in compassion, her connection to the Source – Mother Earth, and the power to implement her many instruments to overcome obstacles of the mind.

The Deities, however, are not something outside ourselves; they are a mirror for our true Selves, a venue for us to find the Truth and Light within.