The Magical Power of Giving Blessings

by Sharon Gannon |
August, 2010

What is realized in the yogic state of enlightenment is the oneness of being. In this state, all separation between self and other dissolves. The yogi realizes him- or herself as one with all that is. Then the world no longer appears as out there. I once received a letter from a person who was considered by many to be a saint. Instead of opening the letter with a normal salutation like, “Dear Sharon,” he opened it with “Dear me in the form of you.”

In order for a yoga practice to be helpful, it must acknowledge the obstacles to the goal of yoga and provide the practitioner with a means to overcome those obstacles. The main obstacle to the realization of the oneness of being (yoga) is perceiving others and your self as separate. So the practices must give you a means to dissolve the others in your life, or at least to purify your perception of who these others really are. When perception is purified then you realize that actually everyone in your life is arising from inside of you. What occurs inside of you is reflected in the people who appear in the world outside of you. So if you don’t like the way someone else is behaving and you really want them to change, then you need to recognize that they are only acting as phantoms arising from your own past actions. You should not bother trying to insist that they change; instead you should initiate the change you want to see in them by changing your own behavior towards them now. The practice of giving blessings is a good way to start.

There is great power in giving blessings, not just for the recipient of the blessings, but also for the one giving the blessings. To bless someone is to enchant them. Through the act of blessing, unconditional love is transmitted energetically from one body to another. Through blessing another, you can transform them into a holy being by becoming a channel for love, and in the process you become blessed, because the blessing in a psychic way moves through you first. Uttering the name of someone is tremendously powerful. Most people can’t help but respond when their name is called. When you give a daily blessing along with someone’s name, the specificity of the action yields positive results that over time can transform you and the people in your life into holy beings.

Here is how it works; I call it the “blessing meditation”: Sit comfortably, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing, feeling each time there is breathing in and breathing out. Start with the people you know and love, as it is easier to give blessings to them. Silently say the words, “Blessings to…” as you inhale, and as you exhale say the name of someone. Continue for several minutes, extending your blessings to include your family and friends; then move on to others, such as your past boy or girl friends, neighbors, bosses and co-workers. Make sure to include others with whom you have or in the past have had more difficult relationships. You will find that as you say their names, their images will appear to you. With consistent practice over time you will be able to not only see them, but also to feel their presence when you name them. Over time difficult issues that you may have with them will begin to resolve themselves. Over time you will find that when they make an appearance in your dreams they will appear as benevolent, positive presences. Over time you will find that when and if you do encounter them physically, your relationship with them will have magically and dramatically changed-you will feel that there is a new ease in your interactions with them. They will seem friendlier towards you. The feeling that they are coming at you will be lessened as your awareness of where they actually are coming from grows-from inside of you.

No matter how many good deeds you do or the many profound and intelligent words you may say, what people will remember most about you is how you made them feel. If you really want to live a life of service to others, it is helpful to learn ways to make others feel good. Learning how to give blessings in an anonymous way is a powerful means to transform your world and the world of others.  Because it is done anonymously, you don’t run the risk of inflating your ego, which could happen if you were to give the blessings in person. Also it would probably be impossible to actually contact each person in person or even by phone or email every day to tell them you love them and bless them, and it would also surely become annoying to most of them. And since they live inside of you anyway, the most direct means to contact them is to go within your own heart. When you say their name in a sincere loving way you both fall into love, dissolved into the universal heart-your own true being-eternal reality.

But don’t expect immediate results. Patience is important when you are cultivating your new reality. Every action, whether it is as subtle as a thought or more formed as a word or a deed is like a seed being planted in the soil which will become the ground of your being. Seeds take time to grow. And it is not only time that will ensure healthy growth: a seed must be nourished by the right foods. Consistent loving care will yield positive results. When the seeds you have planted begin to sprout, you will enjoy watching how the people around you will begin to grow and blossom into the people you wish them to be, and you will discover yourself as the person you always knew you could be.