by Shri Brahmananda Saraswati |
March, 2010

When the current of your mind moves through the senses toward the outer universe, that is to say, toward the sensory universe, then this current is called dha-ra. And when the current of the mind moves above the third eye toward your inner world and the loka (location) of Brahman, the loka of Absolute existence, then this current is called ra-dha, the reverse of dhara.

If you divide your forehead into three parts-the middle part, below the middle part, and above-then below the middle part is the universe of the senses. The middle part is called the third eye, the mythological seat of the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Above that is the loka of Brahman, Absolute I-AM, Absolute existence, Sahasrara  chakra. (Brahma and Brahman are two different things: Brahman is Absolute existence, while Brahma is creative intelligence, part of the trinity.)

Due to the out-going current of the mind (dhara), our consciousness passes through various ups and downs in the world of the senses. When we go above the third eye, our consciousness becomes free from all mental ups and downs. Then it is called Krishna. The word krish means “crash” and na means “not.” Thus in that state, we have consciousness free from all fluctuations.

Therefore, Krishna is the state of magnetism for the inward current of mind, Radha. Absorbed in that state, you feel you are pure awareness, pure consciousness, not fluctuating toward the external universe. Your mind becomes transformed into nadam-cosmic music, cosmic energy free from all dualism. In that state, your mind becomes shuyam, zero, devoid of all thought and thinking, full of divine virtue, and your consciousness becomes a mathematical point.

Thus Radha and Krishna, or shuyam (zero) and the point (awareness), meet together and become one, transformed into non-dualism by means of the music of Krishna’s flute, or nadam. When we experience this, then we feel our Absolute being-ness, which is called Radha-Krishna-Satsanga, the meeting of Radha and Krishna by means of Krishna’s flute. Then the whole universe is transformed into a Rasa Lila, the dance of Absolute God, Absolute I-AM, with the whole of existence.

Our relative mind is like a deer, restless and always moving, while nadam or the flute of Krishna is divine music. By means of the music, the deer of the relative mind becomes absolutely still. Then we can experience our Absolute being: “Be still and know I-AM.”

We can compare the relative mind to a cobra, and nadam is like the music of the snake charmer. You can see the picture of the mythological cobra enchanted by the music of Shri Krishna’s flute. This cobra has six heads-one for each of the five senses and a sixth for the thinking mind. Shri Krishna dances on the head of the cobra with his flute, enchanting the venomous serpent (our ego, our thoughts and thinking) with nadam (inner light and sound), just as a snake charmer entrances his snake. Thus, we can say that nadam is also a wonderful snake charmer, without any exception.

When you meditate, you can see and feel and verify this fact. It is your story. When you transcend the third eye, then you feel the meeting of Radha and Krishna, Radha-Krishna-Satsanga. This is your story.

-Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, excerpted from his book Radha-Krishna-Satsanga, pages 1-3, 1988