Yoga Sutras Fourth Book- Kaivalya Pada

by Sharon Gannon |
September, 2000

Portion on Liberation – Cause and Effect

To free yourself from death, you have to find a way not to be born. That is why enlightenment is the goal of the yogi.

Enlightenment is the realization that goes beyond birth and death. Enlightenment is the realization of your immortality. When you know yourself as eternal there is no fear of death, no fear of anything.

Fear is always the fear of losing, whether it be losing the body, or losing your balance in handstand.

When you know yourself to be the eternal, immortal Self, there is no fear.

The cause of enlightenment is compassion.

Now the cause of enlightenment is very important for us to consider. So this is why as yogis we must strive to act in a good way towards others, in a compassionate empathetic way. To practice to the best of our ability being kind, considerate, and nice to others.

And as we practice, we do get better at it, and we incur good karma, and this good karma leads ultimately to enlightenment.