Exclusive: Author Extraordinaire Sharon Gannon Pens Yoga And Vegetarianism

Sharon Gannon, founder with David Life of Jivamukti Yoga Method and Centers around the world, her book is climbing up the best selling list and a page turner that has gained much recognition.

Appreciated by many, Sharon Gannon, has a voice that speaks wonders to human ears, as well as animal ears and nature ears, a passionate activist and figure of yoga, the shelves rapidly restock her a condensed version of practices and principles of the relationship of yoga and vegetarianism in, Yoga And Vegetarianism: the Diet of Enlightenment.

In the interview, Sharon shares her experience and journey into a vegan lifestyle, and how it marries with her practice of yoga. Gannon, like many of us, searched for her connection and contribution in the world, positive actions that could benefit others, while also stating, “my definition of others has always extended past the human realm.”

The practice of yoga helps one to tune in with themselves and reconnect with the world around them, and through the adoption of the yamas, which are the restrictions of behaviors that support vegetarianism through non-violence. Gannon further explains and breaks down the concept and relation of the yamas, and how the function of restricting harmful behavior is intertwined with our diet.

Gannon further discusses the process of writing her book, as well as shares advice for the yogi in transition, and ways of making slight but continuous adjustments.

In the interview, Sharon Gannon speaks of animal sanctuaries, how she contributes and the annual gala that takes place to support and care for all living beings, so that “all may be happy and free.”

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