Good Sex

Red Flag Magazine Issue No. 8 | ANIMALS

In this issue Red Flag explores the animal kingdom – “from the threats facing our animal cousins to the incredible lessons to be learned across species lines.” Within this context Red Flag presents and interview with Sharon Gannon by Anna Louie Sussman, discussing “insights into the relationship between veganism and good sex” that is presented in Gannon’s book Yoga and Vegetarianism.

The interview covers the parallels between the oprression of animals and forms of human oppression, sexual abuse of animals that is rampant in animal agriculture, the objectification of animals and women, the story of how dairy cows are treated, and more.

“I think “Good Sex” is not only a catchy title but it aptly describes what brahmacharya actually means. Brahmacharya does not translate literally as celibacy. Brahma is the name of the Hindu god of creation and charya refers to a vehicle—we get our English words car and chariot from the Sanskrit word charya. Sex is potent. It is perhaps the most creatively potent experience we can engage in, as it can result in actually creating/manifesting a new being.” ~Sharon Gannon

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