Sharon Gannon Interview

Human exploitation of animals is a subject matter that seeps through many conversations, as fragments, as main discussion, in lectures, becoming a topic of discourse in our society that demands particular attention. Not only can the human race be cruel to one another, but the level of violence attains even those living beings who are not able to defend themselves against the aggressive hands of man.

Fortunately, the bubble has been popped, creating droplets of awareness that have landed in the minds of caring individuals that do anything but procrastinate on the matter and act for a change.

Sharon Gannon, a sweet face with a strong heart that will not stand for any hurtful behavior towards any living being, especially animals that don’t have the communication to fend for themselves. With her partner, David Life, founders of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, practiced and taught at their centers around the world, the yoga practice is a strong foundation of compassion and to attain oneness with the universe.

After having seen the movie, The Animals Film, Sharon was left in a disturbed state, but knew that her new purpose would leave the music to linger, while dedicating most of her attention to yoga and vegetarianism. The graphic details of the film, revealed a violence that is often hushed, because if the world was entirely exposed to such reality, the disgust and anger that would result in the extermination of such inconsiderate behaviors and practices.

Having devoted her life to putting a STOP to this insanity, Sharon Gannon uses all opportunities to talk about the issues, spreading the word about animal rights and our responsibility to protect every living being.

The number of animal sanctuaries are growing, but better yet, have provided a safe haven for animals that were destined to go to the slaughter house without the slightest hesitation. These sanctuaries rescue animals to give them a new life, one of freedom and liberation, which is similar to the transcending practice of yoga. To support a lifestyle that entails the yamas, restrictions of behaviors, is a change to push towards and with the accumulated actions could lead to a world of love and oneness that the yogi embraces and shares.

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