Jivamukti Yoga Global Teacher Profile Photo Guidelines


Jivamukti Yoga Teachers are among some of the most highly regarded yoga teachers in the world, so we want to make sure everyone’s profile portrait really shines! Please follow the guidelines below when submitting imagery for Teacher Profiles. Remember, these photographs serve as first impressions from yoga students all over the world, so we must maintain the highest visual standards.

  • The portrait should be well lit, clear, sharp (no blurry or pixelated images) and clearly show your face with a warm, personable expression.
  • If an asana is depicted in the photograph, your face should still be the focus of the picture.
  • “Selfie” style images are not preferred.
  • Use images with a light-colored background if possible to maintain visual consistency across all teacher portraits.
  • When considering styling, less is more when it comes to hair, makeup, and clothing. Natural and understated is best.
  • Avoid overly busy prints on clothing, which should be appropriate for yoga practice and presentation as a professional yoga teacher. Please avoid showing any logos or graphics other than those related to yoga or Jivamukti.
  • Avoid unnatural editing, such as colored filters to your photograph and heavy vignettes. Please do not use a black and white photo.
  • Technical guidelines: Submit your photograph in jpeg format, no larger than 2MB. Preferred file size 600×600 or 600×900 @72dpi. if you are unsure what this means please email your picture directly to webeditor@jivamuktiyoga.com for approval.
  • Jivamukti Yoga Global reserves the right not to publish your submitted photograph if it does not meet our brand standards. In such a case we will advise what changes need to be made and ask you to resubmit another photograph.


Sample Photographs: