Mediation is incorporated into every Jivamukti Open and Spiritual Warrior class, and is taught in detail during the fourth week of every month at Jivamukti Yoga Fundamentals classes.

Monthly Satsang gatherings with Jivamukti’s long-time Sanskrit teacher Manorama provide an excellent opportunity to explore a meditation practice within the context of Jivamukti Yoga method.

Jivamukti Yoga Meditation Classes instruct meditation as it has been taught by founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. The Jivamukti Yoga method of meditation is a mantra form of meditation, instructed in three steps: Choose your seat, Be still, and Focus.  Mantra provides the focus. With the mantra “Let-Go” the practitioner is instructed to align the silent repetition of the mantra with the incoming and out-going breath. By allowing a continuous movement of breath through the body and thoughts through the mind, with the suggestion of let-go, the practitioner can eventually let go of identification with the body and mind and allow Self-realization to arise.

The class begins with Sanskrit chanting to purify the atmosphere, followed by detailed meditation instruction. The actual sitting time for the meditation practice is usually 20 minutes, but it could be longer or shorter according to the discretion of the teacher.  Afterwards there is a Q&A session with the teacher, followed by closing prayers. No prior experience in meditation is required. The class is open to all who have a sincere desire to learn a simple, yet effective way to not only quiet and calm their minds but also move toward enlightenment.