Announcing our Yoga Assists book!

by David Life |
January, 2013
Yoga Assists

Jivamukti Yoga teachers are renowned throughout the world as exemplifying the techniques of hands-on assists for yoga asanas. For years Sharon and I have taught other people these techniques, and have always felt that we should compile our thoughts and insights into a book. We are super excited to announce the publication of our new book Yoga Assists. On January 29th it will be available For Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play.

This book is a complete visual and inspirational guide to yoga asana assists. Each of the catagories of asanas are included with several photographs and illustrations to deepen your understanding of the essential energetic alignment and the relationship to the physical body, as well as how to respond with touch to that alignment. The affirmations of Master Shantideva contain the keys for understanding the true nature of Yoga Assists.

Every single harm that comes in this
Entire world, every fear that comes,
And so too
Every pain that ever comes,
Comes from grasping to myself;
What use for me then is this,
The single greatest demon?
It’s something very wrong to look
With eyes belonging to another
And work for only my own goals.
It’s wrong as well to look with eyes
Working for them, and to do
Something that’s not right.
-Master Shantideva

The iBooks design is interactive in many helpful ways and even includes 4 Yoga Assist videos. Yoga Assists will also be available as a Print On Demand book that you can open up on the floor and work with.

We have been working on this book for an embarrassingly long period of time, but it was worth it. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

It took a very long time to determine how to illustrate the energetic and physical aspects of each posture. It was very easy to cross the boundary line of TMI, (Too Much Information) and the result would obfuscate rather than illustrate. We resolved to use a fairly simple and linear description that resonates with crystalline structure and formation, all the time realizing that structure is merely the distillation of many complicated and unusual interacting forces.

The photos are clear and meant to disclose skin tension and muscle actions without drama or acrobatics. Taken together the photos and the illustrations will give anyone wishing to have a better understanding of the energetic aspects of asana some great visuals to ponder and incorporate into their practice and their teaching.