Charter For Change

by Jivamukti Editorial Team |

We released a statement last week which outlined our intentions moving forward, in regards to the vital discussions being had within and around the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Self-reflection is a crucial element of the yoga practice and the Jivamukti Method, and we are held to the same. We’ve taken a hard look at our own footprint, including the “selective” speaking up (and activism only when it’s clear), and we cannot rest with the knowledge that we can do so much more.

We also take a great amount of inspiration from senior teachers and the panel on Crisis & Community. We have reached out to a number of our teachers and community members to bring our collective consciousness together. For us at Jivamukti Global, this is a time of listening, self-reflection, and gathering our community members – and making sure that all diverse voices are heard. Our mission statement is to stand for all beings; to actually do that, we must look beyond insular walls to experiences and voices outside of our own.

Outlined above, all five pillars are urgent issues of our time. We will endeavor to make sure all of these have equal priority, and we also recognize that we must move with the winds of change. We seek to be a vocal and affirmative contributor to positive change worldwide. We hope you can join us.

Stay tuned for further information and knowledge on this initiative.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

-Jivamukti Yoga