Aida Artiles Cardeñosa
800hr Certified
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

My first contact with Jivamukti was in 2011 in NYC while I was working as a model there. I started trying to memorize everything in class… the chants, the sequence… and then I could practice in Spain on my own cause I had completely fallen in love with the method. The day I met Rima in one class, everything changed. She gave me a safe space in the jungle, her classes were my temple during my seasons in town. When you are from a little island on the other side of the world you never think people in NYC are going to hosting you like you were part of them. Rima does it and all her students too. I’m so THANKFUL FOR THAT. I never thought about ‘becoming a teacher’ but after practicing with her, I started to change my way of life. Suddenly I woke up and I wanted to share the same gift that Rima gave to me to everyone here in my hometown. I continued practice and in 2017 I went to TT in Costa Rica. After this TT I came back to Spain and it was in 2018 when I did my 800h apprenticeship in Barcelona with Maria Macaya. I had so much respect for the practice and teachings, so it was after I finished the 800HR when I started to teach. Those wonderful women gave me the tools and the strength to share this magical method. To continue inspiring and lifting people through the practice and teachings. Changing perceptions. Giving to people the chance to truly meet their Self for the first time till heaven.