Alex Dawson
800hr Certified
Byron Bay

Hello my name is Alex. I was born in Australia and raised on the sun drenched beaches of Byron Bay. I studied philosophy at university once and I always had a hunch/hope that ‘out there’ somewhere there must be a philosophy of being that actually accesses the nature of who we are… A philosophy that delivers an understanding of why one should choose to be a good/virtuous/compassionate person, without being bound by any external imperative. At last! Yoga! A practical means to participate in our real condition, liberated from social conditioning and dis-ease. Peace and power that is available to everyone, equally and unequivocally. Sat-cit-ānanda I am deeply grateful to my teacher Mick Barnes, from The Yoga Factory in Sydney, for granting me the gift of Yoga. The student was ready and the teacher arose, I am lucky. To Anja and Christian for allowing me the opportunity to share yoga with Berlin. To all of the teachers and students at Jivamukti Berlin for making me feel so welcome. And, of course, to our beloved Gurus Sharon and David for delivering to us the Jivamukti Yoga method and establishing a way in which we can bathe in, and share together, all of the wondrous aspects of Yoga. “If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man.”  -Henry David Thoreau