Alice Figueroa
300hr Certified
New York
United States

After taking my first Jivamukti Yoga class in 2010, I instantly realized that the teachings of Yoga had the potential to uplift my life, refresh my perspective, and add adventure to my every day. I earned a 300-hour teacher certification in 2013, and I am currently completing my 800-hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Jivamukti Yoga NYC. I love being able to share the healing teachings of yoga with my community of friends, clients, patients, and family. Yoga will strengthen your body, soften your heart, and sharpen your mind. When I am not practicing on my mat, I am a public health researcher and a registered dietitian nutritionist. I currently serve as the Duke Center for International Development Malnutrition Research Fellow conducting research to address chronic malnutrition and food insecurity in Central America Through my private nutrition practice, I empower my clients and patients to achieve their highest wellness goals by embracing science-based, holistic approaches. I am also a Masters of Public Health, James Beard Foundation Scholar, Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach, and Natural Foods Chef. My nutrition philosophy is one of mindful living +happy eating+ plant centric eats. I founded, a place where the community can explore science-based health articles and delicious, health supportive recipes. Yoga is a healing and nurturing practice that provides joy and a 24/7 refugee from the stressors of life.