Alice Hönigschmid
800hr Certified

Like almost everyone who starts yoga, I was “just looking for a physical balance” for my stressful marketing job and was not prepared to find holistic inspiration for body, mind and soul.

​Jivamukti yoga, which teaches the spiritual aspects of yoga in addition to the physical ones, and especially my teacher Patrick Broome, captivated me from the first yoga class – and that has lasted for 20 years .

Yoga philosophy and singing also electrify me! As they say: “When the student is ready, the teacher comes” – with R. Sriram I was able to deepen this endlessly exciting and down-to-earth field of philosophy.

But my daily yoga elixir is chanting mantras on the harmonium – thank you Petros Haffenrichter for your voice, which encouraged me to find mine.