Anja Kuehnel
advanced Certified

Anja mainly teaches at the two Berlin Jivamukti Yoga Centers that she owns and directs. If time allows, she accepts one of the many invitations to teach workshops worldwide. She also has been teaching intensive international Jivamukti Yoga retreats worldwide for a number of years now, often together with internationally renowned teachers like Sharon Gannon, David Life, Manorama and Dechen Thurman. Privately, she has a special interest in studying the teachings of Vedanta and Sanskrit and adopting rescued dogs. Anja leads the 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga Apprenticeship Teacher Training program in Berlin where she has personally mentored and certified more than 40 Jivamukti Yoga apprentices over the past 10 years. She is regularly invited as a faculty or board member for the Jivamukti teacher trainings and Jivamukti Advanced board tests. In 2017, she was a facilitator together with David Life and Rima Rani Rabbath at the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and in November 2018 she will co-facilitate together with Yogeswari the German Teacher Training on Chiemsee (Bavaria), which in 2013 she simultaneously translated from German into English for the non-German participants. Anja discovered her passion for Jivamukti Yoga in 2000 while living in New York. Back then, she also met her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for the first time. Anja has been practicing yoga with teachers of various yoga styles and traveled the world to do so. But in her heart, she knew right after her first Jivamukti class, where she belongs. Living as a Yogi for Anja means to try to balance the disequilibrium between herself as part of human civilization and the world as a whole. In her classes, Anja strives to emphasize the yogic tenet that none of our doings, whether they remain thoughts or are actually carried out, are without impact to our surroundings. The direction, in which the world turns, is in the hands of each and every one of us. The love of life, of all beings, and this world as a whole are what motivate Anja to teach yoga. The path of yoga gives every single one of us the chance to grapple with our inner selves and to find the harmony within us that we are longing for. Anja thanks her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life and Patrick Broome, and all the other teachers she encounters every day.