Anna Lunegova
advanced Certified

Yoga arose in Anna’s life when she was a student at the State Academy of Arts and Culture Branch of the modern dance. She was interested in studying the diverse possibilities of the physical body in classical, folk and modern dance, and yoga. At the time, the interest in yoga was not keen and the idea of yoga was soon forgotten. However, the return later on was involuntary. Power, strength, endurance – these are the qualities that were necessary for her as a contemporary dancer of the Moscow Ballet troupe and yoga had helped her to cope with grueling physical activities as a dancer and ultimately instilled in her a respect for Chaturanga Dandasana. Further to the physical strength of the practice was the natural connection with the spiritual aspect…yoga came into her life once again. It was with Jivamukti Yoga that Anna presented in the first Yoga Journal conference in Moscow (for which she express her gratitude to the organizers). Her encounter with Sharon Gannon and David Life followed soon after. She offers thanks to the other leading Jivamukti Yoga teachers, who have taught in Moscow and all over the world – Yogeswari, Lady Ruth, Cat Alip-Douglas and others. Anna gradually began to go deeper into the study of this method and is certain that this is what she feels connected to right now. Jivamukti is something that continues to develop her as a person, student and teacher and provides her with creative expression. This is what gives Anna the feeling of love and joy. This is the direction that helps her to see the beauty in the world. She is truly sharing what she perceives with all her heart.