Anne Lotte Bippus
300hr Certified

“ever tried, ever failed? no matter. try again. fail better.” Samuel Beckett

Yoga is not an answer. Yoga is a question to be asked every day. Once you open up yourself to this question, you may find the answers have been within, waiting to be seen. Jivamukti Yoga has first shed it’s light on Anne during a class in 2015. Ever since then this unique method has been her playground to explore, to fall and to rise, over and over again.

Now being a Jivamukti teacher herself, Anne wants to be the challenge that enables her students to ever try, ever fail and find the light within yourself.

PYS 1.36 viśokā vā jyotiṣmatī: concentration on the divine produces lightness and self-confidence.

She humbly bows to her teachers along the quest, Rimah Rabbath, Jules Febre, Martina Eder and Regina Gambarte as well as every other teacher she will have the honor to meet.